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BB – Chapter 005 – Part 02

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Chapter 5: The Magic Knot Elixir (II)
Chapter 5: The Magic Knot Elixir (II)

The time pass by slowly, a minute is like a day long, the pain lasts for exactly twenty-four hours, during the next dark fall, Salin regains his control on his body.


It seems like the voice does not belong to him anymore, Salin’s pain does not entirely disappear, he struggling to throw the horrified badge away.

The Devil’s trapping device! The Devil’s trapping device!

Salin yelled in his heart. This damn badge must be a devil’s trapping device, it must be! Given how he was ‘eaten’ up by it, his soul was almost digested in it.

What is a devil’s trapping device? Thirty thousand years ago, during the first dynasty, mankind was a powerful tribe, they are able to tear up dimensions and crossover any dimensions easily, to catch some demons as a pet. Some demon is hard to be tamed. Therefore a devil’s trapping device was made from the untamable demons. Even though at that time, people treat it as a toy, but after ten thousand years, the fallen of mankind has lost their power to control the device. As expected, this kind of device became valuable, although human can’t cross over dimensions to catch demons, it was still treasured by some great wizard, just to enslaved demon souls within. Up until a thousand years ago, the fourth dynasty, no one is able to enslave the demon soul within except for the level nine great wizard. From thereon, that device became synonymous with horror, wizard under level seven is not strong enough to resist the power of the device, these untamable demons refuse to be contracted with mankind, even what they left is only souls.

See one eat one, it is the feature of the devil’s trapping device.

Somehow, something isn’t right, if this is the device, his body would have devoured by it. Salin subconsciously touch his hands and feet, it is still attached, he is still a true existence.

Salin finally regains his rationality from the terrifying experience, he also realized how absurd he is. If this is the device, even his master might not be able to contend, not to mention his level is under Jason.

Then what is it, if is not the device? Salin’s hand propped the body to sit up and check on his current body condition. Everything is fine, except he is tremendously exhausted, the magic elements gained much more than his suppose some magical elements.


The elements did gain a little more. Although the extra elements are still little, Salin cherishes every amount of elements in his body, even if is increased one-tenth of the element. His spirituality is the ones that have visible growth, Salin originally was already strong in spirits, like how Jason claimed, once Salin became a real wizard, the spirituality he contained is enough for him.

Now, Salin felt his spirituality was purified, it is more cohesive, even a sign of a breakthrough. Salin disregard the faintness in his body, he quickly climbs out from the bed and picks up the badge. There is nothing within the thunder marks, even the dark blue light has disappeared. He carefully holds the badge but afraid to activate another spell on it.

The pain he gone through was striking. Salin had a painful childhood which he barely endured, but this pain is something. This few year he lives in comfort, his endurance level has gone low, it became a habit that is really hard to change.

Should I show it to the master? No! What if his master ends up in a situation like him…?

Salin imagined Jason laying on the floor helplessly and enduring the pain as he did, even laughing out loud. Fine, I’ll do some research on it, as long as he does not cast any spells on it.

Within the next one month, Salin went through three failure on his experiments, materials that worth of three thousand gold coins has completely turn to ashes. The failure has hit him hard because his spirituality that he took pride in is not enough to control the experiments.

Weak in spirits, what to do? Salin remembered his family badge. He took the badge out from the case and hold it carefully. Use it! If this thing can help increase his spirituality, no matter how tough it is, he will bear it.

This time, Salin wants to try out that striking effect he gets last time, under different conditions.

He placed the badge on the floor and active the detection spell on it from three meters away. The hazy light covers the badge with a pause of time, then quickly absorbed by the thunder mark.

Done? Nothing happen!

Salin places the badge two meters away and repeats his experiments, still the same. At last, he wore a pair of gloves and continue testing.

Finally, Salin had the conclusion that the badge if safe without skin contacts. Looks like Salin can carry it with him anywhere without issues, he then felt relieved about it. Otherwise, he would have locked this device in the case permanently.

Salin began some tough training from day two till day four of every week, he uses the mystical power from the badge to ravage himself, then suffers the pain for twenty-four hours. Yes, his spirituality has obvious growth, within three months, he had a breakthrough on his spirituality.

Before the breakthrough, he has elements that are enough to activate five level zero spells in a row, now with his spirituality, he can activate seven spells at once. The moderate growth of magical elements was originally a level three apprentice standard, Salin can frugally utilize his elements to let his capability reach level four.

The apparent change in his physique now endures all kinds of negative situation, although he still looks thin and weak from his appearance. Most importantly, when he is using the mystical power from the badge, the uncontrollable condition has minimized to six hours.

Within the six hours, Salin no longer needs to suffer in extreme pain, despite moving the body, he can utilize the hours to think and brush up the knowledge he studied.

The most suffering period passed by, Salin gain more confidence than before. He did not realize the transformation in him, no more anxiety, doubts, fears, and others weakening reflects. Salin became more radiant than before. He decided to continue his training, for he believes, with perseverance, he will have a physique that immune to all dangerous magic situation.

Perhaps one thing that hasn’t change about Salin, that is his persistent on his assets. The rest of his free time, he continuing producing magic potions which he sells it to Deeka, he then managed to accumulate his gold coins up to three thousand pieces within three months. Unfortunately, this is the fastest way that he can grow his assets. As Deeka is incapable of increasing the sales. Ceylon has limited spending power, ever since he was replaced as a leader, he only owns a gang of juvenile thieves locally, no way for bigger criminal acts.

To sell off the magic potions to robber outside of the city, he needs to stock some of it, but Deeka does not have enough cash flow, he wouldn’t dare to owe any money from Salin. Let the Outlander robber pay some deposits? He doesn’t have the influences as well.

Salin knows, three thousand gold coins cannot guarantee a perfect produced magic knot elixir, no matter how much he worried about the gold coins, the clock will not stop ticking. Here comes another weekend, Salin have to travel into the city to purchase some Jason’s experiments ingredients while bringing him back the goods they ordered last week.

Weather is bad this weekend, the wind slowed down, but the rain drops are cold like ice, the port of Ceylon shrouded by the rusty clouds.

Two fancy swordsmen are hiding under the roof looking into the distance. They are not armed, but they have short dagger hanging around their waist. Both of their chests was sewn with a leaf-like badge, which belongs to the Lord of the Ceylon, they even have a close relationship to the Lords. Both of them has body shape, broad shoulders, and slender waist, tall and sturdy equally.

“Captain, will that kid appear?” the red-haired swordsman asked worriedly, given that the rain is gradually heavier.

“Yes, Chris. He will pass by here same time every week, it has been three years without fail.” The yellow-haired swordsman answered while pressing oh his dagger, he patiently watches carefully towards the path across where they were. His body seems like a resistant to rain drops that blew to him by winds. Red hair Chris had to stay as far as he can from the rain drops, he thought to himself, when can I become a swordsman like captain, which I too able to have the aura blade skill?

It has been many years that the stone path was left unrepair, it started to fills with puddles from the rain. A wall of rain dropped heavily, splashes on the ground and formed a layer of mist. No one wants to stay out with this kind of weather. The Fall is near, Ceylon city became colder and colder.

The yellow-haired captain looking through the wall of rain to the end of the path, an emaciate young fellow walks in moderate pace along the way. The young guy wears a silly robe and carries a large leather bag on his back, not holding an umbrella. The rain drops bounce away from him which shows no signs of invasion by the rain, even his boots are dry and clean.

As young fellow gradually approached, his features became clearer. He has brown hair and eyes, slightly high nose that shows his deeply sunken eyes, he seems like a blue blood descent from the south. His eyebrows indicate that he is at ease like the current weather don’t matter at all. A small leather pouch is hanging by his fingers. It is a standard size pouch that contains fifty gold coins. The pouch swings at his pace on his finger, which make him an easy target to rob, if it weren’t the weather, he would have marked by the robbers.

“Salin the wizard!” captain waved passionately towards the young fellow.

Salin scowlingly ignores him and continue his journey in the rain. Indeed, his name is Salin, but not yet a wizard, he is a level three apprentice.

The yellow-haired swordsman seems a little embarrass in this situation, he cannot greet him as an apprentice because it is not respectful enough, the Viscount has explicitly demanded him to show Salin some nobility, which is quite hard given Salin’s response.

“Young master of Metatrine!” yellow-haired swordsman slightly raised his voice towards Salin, however, he only gets to look at Salin’s back.

“Salin, Salin!” yellow-haired swordsman watching Salin’s figure gone further, he had to chase up to him. Chris followed along with significant steps without any choice. The rain instantly wets his fancy attire, except the inner part of his boots that keeps out from wet. Cold rains! It gave Chris cold chills.

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