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BB – Chapter 004 – Part 02

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Chapter 4: Pharmaceutics of the Magical Elixir (II)

Salin’s slow progression has two reasons, the first one is no improvement on element’s affinity, even though he did take the pills given through Jason every day, he cannot clearly feel any element in him as well. The second reason is, Salin only starts to learn the next spell after he mastered the spell correctly. In other words, Salin can activate Double cast quickly as well as handling the spell.

At his current stage, Salin can cast four level zero spell at a time, it can be cast separately, or all at once, or subsequently activated. During subsequent spells activation, it means that all the spells will be in completion stage and wait for activation.

Salin believes in putting more efforts on casting skills will offset his deficiency on his physique. Once magic knots are formed, he will be a perfect wizard.

During this cultivation period, Salin finds out that Jason looks like his age, thirty-five years old. A thirty-five years old level five wizard is rarely seen in the Quinn Empire. Jason with his extraordinary talents plus inherited magic from an orthodox wizard which also known as the level nine Grand Wizard. The reason behind why Jason left the Quinn Empire was, he met his bottle-neck during cultivation towards level five.

In between level five to level six, a wizard is able to form his unique style, then breakthrough at level seven, which magic knots is perfected. Jason is a confident man, that’s why he left the Quinn, away from his master. He wants to be the one and only kind of wizard.

Salin is lucky, an ordinary wizard cannot provide these many of spells books and scrolls, even they have, they might not be able to bring it to Ceylon, as this requires a powerful, compact space props. A regular compact space prop is about several cubic feet wide, not able to contain few of these rooms that filled with books.

Jason traveled along the way and reached the city of Ceylon before Salin starves to death. For Salin, this is a miracle in fate. Salin’s desperately study attitude match with Jason’s, hence, Salin is intelligent enough for Jason to confirm Salin as an official apprentice during this one year.

A regular apprentice needs to reach level six senior apprentice, a wizard will teach him after that. Salin used a year period to reach level two, based on his progress, another wizard has already given up on him. This is due to level one to three is the easiest level for an apprentice, any regular person may reach level four in the coming year.

Salin finally completed the basic knowledge of magic spells, the bookshelves behind is magical principles and other complicated contents. Learn by rote is not going to work this time. Therefore, Salin begins to face study choices. The Principle of Magic Spells needs time to comprehend, certainly, Jason is there to guide him, the rest of the time he can learn other mystical knowledge and new magic spells. Spells like the alchemy, magic potions, magic array, summoning spells and etc.

Salin decided not to take summoning spells, because of its instability, one cannot get a consistent summoning creature. It is said that during the second dynasty, the wizard can summon any creature they needed, due to unknown reason, during the third dynasty which is five millennia ago, summoning creature became random creature. Salin does not wish to summon a grass eating rabbit or a house fly during combat.

The magic array is also given up by Salin because it requires strength from significant elements affinity, which limited his studies due to his lack of affinity with magical elements as he cannot even complete a level zero magic array.

In between alchemist and magic potions, Salin chooses magic potions. Although alchemist can earn a fortune, it doesn’t help much in combat. Salin understands the power of a wizard, he has a clear mind on which to studies. He needs to become stronger and even stronger.

The Pharmaceutics of the Magical Elixir, to be exact. Are the most practical magic skills for Salin. Uses less expensive materials, one can make adjuvant potions, with enough spirituality to control the blends of materials, the successful rates can be higher.

After determining the studies directional, Salin begins his tough progress on it.

To produce a magic potion requires hundred thousand kinds of materials, most of them are plants, 10% of it are minerals. The rarest among all materials are like mystical beast’s blood, hairs, exfoliate and etc.

Salin requested a set of material refining equipment from Jason, then he built a small experiment lab in his bedroom. Where they lived is an aristocratic architecture, a Fort mansion structure, an explosion during experimenting is not able to destroy the walls. Jason stayed here based on this reason.

Since Salin is able to activate the decipher spells four times in a row, his studies pace has progressed tremendously. He recited thousands of graphs in three months without any periods of sleep, he recovers his energy from meditation. After he is done reciting the material graphs, he started to learn the formula unsystematically, despite regular use potion, he also starting to search some rare potion formula.

Today, while Salin is sitting on the floor leaning against the shelves, reading a , a sudden shake from above his head makes him look up to find out what’s happening. A giant book falls right on his nose, at that moment he bleeds splashes out from his nose.

Salin has never learned invisible shield spell, after reading books by books, he is kind of exhausted. Therefore he cannot avoid this danger, although he felt it.


Salin covers his nose while searching for antihemorrhagic drugs in his pockets. The book almost smashes his bone in his nose, it might be a few pounds heavy.

Salin applied some drugs with his head upward, he felt a little dizzy in his skull. Perhaps this situation is called concussion according to pathology. Hopefully, it won’t mess up his brain.

Salin picks up the book and holds it carefully into his arms, it sure is heavy. The book is nearly square in size, about one foot wide and half a foot thick. Black blank covers with only deem gold pattern. Salin is familiar with magic symbols, but he never saw any symbols like it, he cannot guess whether it belongs to any era.

He flips open the cover, the first layer was written with Myers’ characters – Ridiculous magic potions. Salin was immediately attracted by the name of the book.  As pharmaceutics of magical elixir is a very norm and general science which was perfected from principles to practical, to describe it by using ridiculous is bizarre.

He flips to the first page which is an introduction written in formal royal handwritings, he then turns over the book, but he did not see any author signature. Thus he continues reading from the first page.

The author denied the structure of pharmaceutics of magical elixir at the beginning, the author thinks that magic potion is about experimental and practical, the theory of the pharmaceutics has many loopholes. Through continuous experimental will lead pharmaceutics of magical elixir towards advancement. Otherwise, it will reach a dead end.

Read till here, Salin thinks the author is spreading absurdity and grandstanding. The pharmaceutics of magical elixir has hundred thousand of millennials history, longer than the formation of mystical magics, this author is absolutely out of his mind.

However, the more he reads, the more he startled, the author sharply pointed out the logical mistakes of pharmaceutics of magical elixir. The author stated, even the purest minerals, it is impossible to separate a corresponding element. Even more so to herbs and raw material from animals. Magic potions that invented according to the potion’s formula graph is the most common potion, which its structure is not perfected. The purification mentioned in the pharmaceutics of magic elixir is a major misunderstanding, the actual development of pharmaceutics should be inspection science, materials structure should be determined through detection spells, then continuously experimenting to find out the perfect formula. Same material but different origins has different effects, a real apothecary will be able to differentiate it.

Salin read the contents, he thinks that the author of this book is a genius on magical potions and magic spells.

On the part where elements-gathered potions were written, the author mentioned the inaccuracy of the formula, he also provided three magic spells as an example. Let say, what is the right potion to apply during activation of these three magic spells or how to reduce the side effect from potions.

Salin never heard of the three magic spells, but it didn’t matter to Salin, he uses decipher spells to memorize the high-level spells so that he can experiment it in future. The author also provided formulas which make Salin felt aching in his head, to one’s surprise, there are more than six hundred kinds of primary raw material. There are fifty kinds in it were provided substitutes, most of the materials were written with its effects and analysis.

Salin flips the pages to the beginning chapters and starts all over again, but this time with deciphering spells to memorize it. From noon till night falls, when Salin finally reaches the end of the page, his eyes widened.

The last two full pages were written in magic words, it was all little characters which make it hard to read. Hence, they have been drafted in red, like a warning or something. Salin was startled by the little-handwritten subtitle, it was written as – Elixir formula for Magic Knots.

To form magic knots, the process is robust. Yet the author of this book provided a method to form Magic knots, with this potion, it can help an apprentice to create magic knots.

Salin thought he was too desperate that he hallucinates, he read it in detail again to determine that he did not get it wrong in the first place. And it is the formula that specifically designed to form magic knots, no matter which level apprentice, once consume this potion, one can immediately create magic knots.

Salin’s hands were trembling with excitements, he is suffocating like his nose is bleeding again.

The last time he had this feeling is when he was a beggar, he was starved for half month, then he suddenly caught the smells of bread. Salin secretly carries the back to his bedroom. After much thinking about the formula, he thinks that it was unrealistic if magic knots can be formed in this way, why are there no wizards find out about it within this million of years?

He quickly cast a detection spells on the pages, as expected, under those red words, words in gold emerged from it. Salin read words after words with cold sweats. These golden words were the exact formula to form magic knots. If he prepares the portions according to the red words, even a level nine magic beast will be poison to death. Is this some kind of joke from the author? Perhaps due to the author’s bad interest, he must be hated when he was alive, that’s why the author didn’t leave his name.

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