BB – Chapter 005 – Part 02

The time pass by slowly, a minute is like a day long, the pain lasts for exactly twenty-four hours, during the next dark fall, Salin regains his control on his body.


It seems like the voice does not belong to him anymore, Salin’s pain does not entirely disappear, he struggling to throw the horrified badge away.

The Devil’s trapping device! The Devil’s trapping device!

Salin yelled in his heart. This damn badge must be a devil’s trapping device, it must be! Given how he was ‘eaten’ up by it, his soul was almost digested in it.

BB – Chapter 004 – Part 02

Salin’s slow progression has two reasons, the first one is no improvement on element’s affinity, even though he did take the pills given through Jason every day, he cannot clearly feel any element in him as well. The second reason is, Salin only starts to learn the next spell after he mastered the spell correctly. In other words, Salin can activate Double

Gore Island

Max fell into a deep sleep after a long day, grateful for the end of a tedious week at work as a managing partner of his law firm. He dreamed of a relaxing facial and could feel the tender caress of the masseuse’s fingers on his face. The feel of the fingers was so real, it roused him. He the felt tiny ripples move across his face, and brushed at them, but they kept moving. And that’s when Maxwell realized he hadn’t brushed away whatever was on his face, that his

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Stranded: What It Takes To Survive

Dazed, groggy, Cyrus awakens unsure of his whereabouts. With his body tethered to a buoyant surface, he comes to, taking in his surroundings with blurred vision. Indistinct noises of a man, a boy and a woman penetrate Cyrus’ conscious as faces begin to match the noises.

Sarah: Sir, are you ok?

Cyrus: Where am I?

Jack: Hell if I know…

BB – Chapter 003 – Part 02

“Thank you, Master.” Salin is happy and carried all the bags to his room. He intended to put the money in the box which contained some overdue receipts, documents, and family crests. It doesn’t felt right to do so; he can’t figure out where to place those golds. After some while, Salin felt silly, with Jason staying in

BB – Chapter 003 – Part 01

The rest of the guards remain at Jason and Salin side. There are not many guards at the warden, the real army which is the royal guards are under the control of the Lords of Ceylon. The incident in the dungeon was long reported to the royal guards. After a while, the sounds of horses stomping the street getting nearer to

BB – Chapter 002 – Part 02

Salin took the gold coins given by Jason and changed into the robe which also prepared by Jason. The robe was not made tailored, if he cut off the lower part of the robe, it is still unfit for him. Although he grew a little under Jason’s care, his height is of twelve years old boy. Well, now that he has six gold coins in hand, which